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Carriers Car and Industrial

10,000 Pound Carrier

Nrc set's the bar for strength and reliability in carrier standards. Nrc manufactures an all around unit that has unbelievable recovery capabilities with the low deck height and remarkable strength to handle any tow job.


20,000 Pound Carrier

The 20,000 TB is great for you customers who do alot of equipment hauling but still need a truck short enough to get into the city to tow a car or pickup truck. The deck lengths range for 18ft to 30ft this unit goes great with a single axle chassis with a tag or pusher axle. The tag would allow you to legally haul 20,000 on the bed for things like small machines and multiple scissor lifts.


30,000 Pound Carrier 

The 30,000 TD is a great industrial size bed with an extremely low deck hieght for hauling fork lifts, man lifts, truck tractors, anything with height issues. Available in deck hieghts as low as 42". It also is available with a 4X4 or 5X5 wheel lift to tow anything from cars to large trucks. 



40,000 Pound Carrier

The 40,000 TB is by far the flagship of the fleet of carriers. Able to carry up to 40,000 pounds on the bed and tow a truck tractor down the road. This is a versatile piece of equipment if you do alot of heavy haul machinery work in the cities where a tractor and trailers can not go. With deck lengths stretching from 24ft to 30ft this bed mounted on a tri axle chassis is a great addition to any towing or equipment haulers fleet.