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Battelini's is a Full Line NRC, BA, Federal Signal & Super Lube Dealer!


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We carry a variety of equipment that BA Products manufactures from Tagged Safety Chains, Snatch Blocks, Endless loops, Recovery Straps, and small carrier tie down and transport chain. Our prices are fair so you get the best equipment for the best price.


All different grades of chain however you want                 Specialty recovery items                                       Endless Loops Blue, Red, Green, Yellow,

them made chains are tagged for saftey!!!                  Foundry hooks, Bridals, Master links                          and Purple all with vertical WLL equal to the

G120-G100-G80-G70-G40                                       Legged recovery chain with any hooks!                        competition for less.

All types of sling hooks and shackles                    4 point tie down for car carriers                                         Imported and Johnson Blocks available

For pricing or to request a cataolog please send an E mail to